How to Know When Your Axle Needs to be Replaced

How to Know When Your Axle Needs to be Replaced

Three major components that contribute to the drivability of your vehicle are the axle, drive shaft and CV joint. Eventually, one or more of these components may need to be fixed or replaced. There are certain signs you need to be aware of to determine if any of these components need inspection.


Abnormal Noises and Vibrations

Be aware of strange noises and vibrations when you’re driving. If you hear clunking noises, you may need to replace a CV joint. In addition, if you feel your vehicle vibrate when you accelerate, this may mean that your driveshaft is damaged or that you have an issue with your axle.


Problems With Turning and Steering

If you have issues turning and steering your vehicle, there may be a problem with your driveshaft, CV joint, or axle. The CV joint enables the axle to bend and accommodate bouncing wheels. If grease leaks out of a damaged CV boot, a CV joint can go bad causing steering issues.


Unable to Move Your Vehicle

If you try to drive your vehicle but hear a loud noise accompanied by scraping sounds and it won’t move, your axle is likely damaged beyond repair. Your axle bears the weight of your vehicle and sustains the forces that come along with driving. So if there is heavy damage done to it, it needs to be completely replaced.

You should get your car’s axle, driveshaft, and CV joint inspected if you have any of the above problems. For more information about axle repair in San Diego, visit this site.


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