3 Reasons Your Car May Stutter When You Drive

3 Reasons Your Car May Stutter When You Drive

There are a number of reasons your car may stutter when you drive or accelerate. If you are having this issue, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible.But before you go, you may want to look deeper into three possibilities that can help you to find the exact cause.


Dirty Fuel Injectors

All fuel injectors on fuel injected engines eventually get dirty. Your engine has several fuel injectors that must all disperse fuel into the engine evenly for optimal performance. Therefore, one clogged nozzle can adversely affect engine performance and cause your engine to stutter.


Electrical Issues               

If your car’s stuttering problem is only intermittent, it may be an electrical problem. Electrical problems can be caused by crimp joints in wiring, connectors, soldered joints on circuit boards or relay contacts.Engine connectors can get eroded, and fuel pump connectors can get very dirty causing your vehicle to stutter randomly.


Faulty Throttle Sensor

Your vehicle’s stuttering problem could also be caused by a faulty throttle sensor. When the gas pedal is pushed, the malfunctioning sensor does not send information to your engine’s computer accurately. If your throttle sensor is failing, other symptoms can include hard starts, rough idles and poor fuel economy.

A stuttering engine can have many causes, so it’s best to get your engine evaluated by a professional and trusted mechanic. For more information about other vehicle issues, including brakes, suspension or getting a wheel alignment in La Jolla, visit this site.


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