Design the Perfect Car with One of These Paint Jobs

Design the Perfect Car with One of These Paint Jobs

Your car doesn’t have to look like every other vehicle on the road. A custom paint job is just the thing. Here are five types of paint jobs that are very popular to give you ideas.

  • Flames – Whether you want that traditional hot rod look with one color, or you want to go more realistic with multiple colors, flames are always unique.
  • Racing stripes – The traditional look is two stripes through the center of your car, but you can do it anyway you want.
  • Fade – The top of the car is painted one color, while the bottom is painted another. A good fade job mixes the colors in the middle so that you can’t tell where one color stops and the other begins.
  • Metallic paint – A metallic paint makes your car sparkle and shine in the sun. It’s available in a number of great colors and looks great on the California roads.
  • Pinstriping – Add detail with pinstripes and get a custom look on your car, van, or truck. This may be a subtle look that enhances portions of your vehicle.

You don’t have to have a hot rod or race your vehicle to enjoy a special look. Get your custom paint job from a professional car body shop in Vista. Don’t trust your vehicle to an unexperienced technician.


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