3 Ways to Tell if Your Car Needs Scratch Removal

3 Ways to Tell if Your Car Needs Scratch Removal

Even if you take care to keep your car’s paint and wax job immaculate, it is sure to receive a scratch now and then. Consider these factors to decide if your car needs scratch removal.

Look for Obvious Spots

If you look at your car’s paint job and notice an obvious line or spot, it is likely a serious scratch. You should have any problems like this repaired immediately.

Consider Recent Events

Even if you don’t see obvious scratches, they might still be there. If your car has fallen victim to any of the following, consider taking it to a professional for once-over.

  • Fallen twigs or sticks from trees
  • Runaway bicycles, balls or other toys
  • Unexpected weather such as hail or sleet

Run Your Hands Over the Paint Job

If you notice a rough patch when opening your door or closing your trunk, it’s likely a surface scratch. An auto body shop can fix any scratches you point out and check to see if there are others.

While scratches don’t make your vehicle inoperable, they do lower its resale value, so be sure to have them fixed as soon as possible, especially if you plan to sell at some point. Visit this website to learn more about scratch removal in Garner.


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