How to Keep Your Volkswagen Up to Speed

How to Keep Your Volkswagen Up to Speed

While annual tune-ups are no longer as recommended for automobiles, regular care is still important. Staying abreast of your Volkswagen’s basic maintenance and repairs will keep your vehicle running strong and fast for years to come.

Follow the Schedule

Your Volkswagen’s user manual includes a maintenance schedule with the recommended time or mileage for getting the oil changed, checking the battery, and inspecting the brakes and other systems. Read over this schedule and note the necessary dates on your personal calendar to remember them.

Change Filters

As well as changing the oil and refilling the coolant, replacing filters can keep your Volkswagen’s engine healthy. Oil and air filters protect the engine parts and reduce wear by trapping particles of soot, rust and dirt, preventing them from clogging up the engine. As these filters get dirtier the more contaminants they collect, they occasionally need replacement to keep working efficiently.

Watch for Trouble

The dashboard features a number of warning lights that light up when any problem is detected in an engine or safety system. Keep an eye out for these warnings and take your car in for maintenance when any appear.

Following these tips will help ensure your Volkswagen stays up and running. Should any problems develop, see this page for more about VW repair in Mountain View.


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