Learn to Inspect Your Horse Hauler

Learn to Inspect Your Horse Hauler

Whether your horse is your best friend or your favorite investment, you want to protect him at all costs. Each time you load him in a trailer, you hope he has a safe journey and arrives at his destination in top condition. To help ensure smooth travels, learn to inspect your horse hauler for damage.

1. Check the hitch.

The hitch is your trailer’s connection to your tow vehicle. Make sure all components that keep your hitch functional are in excellent condition.

  • The jack should go up and down easily
  • The break-away system should be hooked up and functional
  • Safety chains need to be in strong, usable condition


2. Floor boards and walls must be intact.

The wood planks that make up your trailer’s floor must be inspected regularly to make sure there are no holes or weak spots where your horse could fall through. Check the walls for holes caused by a kicking horse. Make repairs before hauling animals; bad flooring is extremely dangerous.

3. Look for missing or broken latches.

The tailgate and interior dividers keep your horse where he belongs. Take a close look at all hinges, latches, springs and cotter pins to make sure that all are present and fully operational.

A damaged trailer is a danger to your horse. For more information about horse hauler repair in Santa Cruz, visit this website.


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